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Anonymous asked: You're an amazing writer:) xx

That’s very nice of you to say that ! ☺️ Thank you, I appreciate that a lot ❤️ Hope you’re having a good day/night where ever you are in the world, beautiful.

Anonymous asked: That cuddles imagine was so damn good!! Your so good at writing!!<3333

Aww thank you ! Glad you enjoyed it, beautiful ❤️

♕ Preferences ; Cuddling

A/N Rated: G :)  

This preference includes Cam, Nash, Taylor, Shawn, Jack J and Jack G ! 


You were by the kitchen counter making yourself a cup of coffee. Sleepiness still heavy in your eyes and your body is still not fully awake as you slowly stir your cup of coffee. Running your hands through your bed hair, you take a sip of your coffee.

You were wearing one of Cam’s t-shirts, sleeves rolled up, booty shorts underneath and knee high white socks. Comfy clothes. You hear the bedroom door creak open then shut as Cam walks out, shirtless and rubbing his eyes and yawning. He wraps his arms around your waist and pulls himself close to your back and resting his head on your shoulder.

“Good morning, beautiful.” He plants a kiss on your shoulder then your cheek and walks in front of you.

“Morning, handsome,” you retort, a smile playing on Cam’s lips.

Walking over to your front, he takes the mug out of your hands and places it on the counter. Knowing where this way going, you smile. Cam cups your face, looking into your eyes… you know you’re already melting in his hands.

“Caammm… if we continue this, you’re going to be late for your meeting,” you state, trying to fight the urge. Instinctively, you hands grip the side of his torso, your eyes eying his abs, running a finger along his frame.

Cam smirks.

“You’re not doing a very good job of trying to push me off, baby, you know that don’t you?”

You lightly throw your head back knowing he’s caught you.

“Caaammm…” you whine as his finger runs along the side of your face, across your jaw line and down your neck, making you shiver.

His strong arms wrap around your waist and he quickly lifts you up and places you onto the kitchen counter, eliminating the height difference.

Realizing you need to stop him here or else he’d definitely be late for the meeting, you make a suggestion. Running your fingers through his hair, you say:

“Cam, baby, I really don’t want you to be late… Don’t think Nash will appreciate you being late twice in a row either. I’m not going anywhere. We can continue this when you get back…”


“I promise, Cameron Alexander Dallas,” you tease.

“Can I at least get a cuddle?”

You giggle, nodding your head lightly.

Cam pulls you close to him, standing between your legs, leaning against the kitchen counter you were sat on. You instantaneously wrap your arms around his neck and rest your head on his shoulder, as does he.

Kissing the side of your neck, he whispers, “I love you, future Mrs. Dallas.”

“Well… I love you too, Mr. Dallas.”

He lifts his head up and cups your face again, his forehead leaning against yours, looking into your eyes.

“I mean it, baby.”

“As do I.”

He sighs at your confirmation; “I just want to stay here and just hold you. Just cuddle with you… and just not let go.”

You place your hands on his hands that are still cupping your face. His eyes are closed.

“You’re a hopeless romantic, Cam.” You retort, playfully; he smiles his signature smile. Pulling away, you tell him he needs to have breakfast before he leaves.

“So, what would you like to have for breakfast, dear boyfriend?” you ask.

“Can I just have a cup of coffee with a side of a kiss from my girlfriend?” he replies, a smile playing on his lips as he tried to keep a straight face. You pull him in as he rests his hands on your thighs and kisses you passionately.



 Your eyes fluttered open as you felt an arm across your stomach; you turned around and locked eyes with a grinning Nash Grier.

“Good morning beautiful,” he smiles as he moves closer to you and kisses your forehead.

“Morning, Grier,” you replied while rubbing your eyes.

“We’re meeting the rest of the guys in about 3 hours,” he explains while brushing some of your messy hair out of your face, tucking them behind your ears.

“I’ll start getting ready then,” you yawn.

“What’s for breakfast, Grier?”

As you began to sit up, Nash pulls you back down beside him.

“3 hours is more than enough time though. Cuddle with me for a few minutes first,” he states.

“Nasshhhh” you whine. Giving in, you snuggle close to his shirtless chest. His toned arms wrapped comfortably around your back, your head resting just below his chin. He moved his head down to for a kiss and quickly presses his lips to yours.

“You know I hate being kisses before I brush my teeth, right…” you complain”




He pecks your lips after every word.

After a few minutes of being held in his arms he spoke up, “I love you,” he grins, kissing the top of your head happily.

“Love you too, Hamilton,” you reply playfully as you pull away from his grasp,

“But if we need to be out of this house in a few hours I better get in the shower… now,” you giggle as you peck his cheek quickly and get yourself up off the bed and into the bathroom. 



 A strong cuddler is how I would describe Taylor.

He’ll lounge on the couch lazily, waiting for me to get home, and will perk up as soon as the door opens.

“Hi, Tay,” you smile, walking to the couch and bending down to peck his lips. Smiling, he’ll reach up for me and pull you down so I fall on his lap, lying across his long body.

“I missed my queen.” His muscled arms will flex, holding me tighter to him, as I lay my head on his chest,

“Missed you too, kissy face.”

He lets out a sigh, his breath hitting my skin, as he rubs circles on the small of my back. My head fits perfectly into the crook of his neck.

He’d lightly run his fingers down the side of my petite frame, caressing my thighs then back up my body. He’d pull me up and make me straddle him on the couch. His hands would be set on my waist, pulling me down on him. He’d trail kisses down my neck, across my collarbone and then one light kiss just above my cleavage.

He’d be rewarded with my moan. This was considered cuddling for Taylor.

“So unfair how you can get me all hot and bothered even after a stressful day, Caniff.” I protest.

“I’m only cuddling with you, baby,” he pouts playfully.

“Cuddling,” I reply, making quotation marks in the air with my hands.

Taylor chuckles. “This is my interpretation of cuddling…” he defends himself, continuing the shower me with kisses, his hands starting to roam around my body.

“You’re so weird, Tay,” I manage to utter in between the kisses and moans as my fingers comb through Taylor’s hair.

“That’s not what your body’s telling me baby,…” he whispers into my ear, a smirk clearly visible on his face.




You were in the studio with Shawn: Shawn had been recording all day. It was late and you and Shawn were listening to the recordings and you were sitting on his lap sideways, with your legs across his thighs. You were sleepy since you’d spent the whole day helping Shawn own with the recordings. Leaning against his chest and with your arms wrapped around his neck, you yawn.

“I’m very proud of you, Muffin Prince.”

“Thank you, Muffin Princess.” Chuckling, he continues: “And looks like my muffin princess is very sleepy.”

Shawn pulls you closer to him, wrapping his arms around you waist and plants a soft kiss on your cheek.

“I would prefer to be in a bed at this point but I’ll settle for cuddling with you here,” you tease.

Planting a light kiss on your lips, Shawn replies.

 “Are my cuddles that good that you’d prefer this to a comfy bed?”

Closing your eyes and nuzzling into his chest, you reply, 

“Do you even need to ask me that question, baby? I’d choose my muffin prince over anything and everything.”

“Even Nutella?” Shawn questions.

“That’s pushing it, Mendes.”

You both laugh and Shawn holds you close. He plants a kiss on your forehead as you drift off to sleep.

“Good night, princess.”

Jack J:

You and Jack were always very playful with each other. Plus teasing him in public was always a sight to see… the way he reacted… the things he would say…

 You were out with Sammy, Jack G, Aaron and your boyfriend, Jack J, walking the streets of downtown LA. The bustling crowds, the rows of shops, the smell of coffee in the air… The atmosphere was to live for.

“Johnson, I’m feeling lazy… Can be you a good boyfriend and give me a piggy back?” You ask innocently, looking at him with puppy dog eyes.

Jack chuckles.

 “Thought we already settled the fact that I am a good boyfriend last night?” he questions, shooting you a wink.

“Jaackkk!!” you scream, punching his arm and then snuggling straight into his chest, burying your face in his chest, as you hear the other boys woo and mock.

“Johnson! Johnson! Johnson!” The boys chanted, mockingly making Jack Johnson chuckle and wrap his arms around your back. 

“I’d be honored to give you a piggy back ride, cuddle bug.”

Hoping onto his back, you thought this was the best time to get him back after your embarrassing episode in public. Wrapping your arms around the front of his neck and settling your head next to his, you plant a soft kiss on the top of his ear.

Jack smiles. “Comfortable, baby?” he asks. You nod. “Very.”

 As he carries you on his back, walking down the street, the boys make small talk while Jack made corny jokes. You kiss the top of his ear again. A little lower… then one kiss behind his ear… one below his lobe…

You make a trail of kisses down from his ear down the side of his neck. Jack’s breath hitches and he slows his walking pace unconsciously. I giggle against his skin as I begin to see goose bumps form.

“You like that, baby?” I tease, holding him tighter, nuzzling his neck.

“Don’t be a tease.”

The others turn around, looking at Jack and I. They chuckle, now aware what we were up to. After a minute, they decide to look away and pretend as though nothing was happening.

“You’re dead set on embarrassing me in public aren’t you, baby?” Jack questions and he tries to hold his sighs and little moans in as I tortured him. I nod plainly in response. 

“Just you wait till we get back to the hotel room. You’re going to pay big time…” he states.

“Oh yeahhh… what are you going to do, Johnson?” I mock, teasing him with a kiss. 

“Fuckkk…” he moans, under his breath, looking up at me. “I’m seriously going to loose all self restraints if you don’t quit teasing me, baby….”

Jack G:

 Jack and Jack had just wrapped up their performance and were just hanging out backstage, relaxing, and winding down from the energy and the hype of the show. The crowd was so pumped.

All the guys settled on the couch and you slapped hand with all the guys and congratulated them on a good night’s performance. You walked over the Jack Gilinsky, your boyfriend, making him stand up from his seat.

“Great job, baby,” you state.

“Thank you, short stuff,” he replies pulling you in by the waist and lightly pecking your lips. He pulls away after one kiss; teasing you, moving his lips away as you went in for more. 

“GUYS… There’s a reason why you guys got the room on the bus so we don’t have to watch this,” Nate whines.

“Just try to not break anything… or make too much noise. I think we all need our sleep tonight,” Sammy adds, chuckling.

 Jack and I pull away and I bury my face in his shirt, tugging them, embarrassed. Jack places both his hands on the side of my face and kisses the top of my head. He turns around and sits himself down on the single couch; turning me around so my back faced him, he pulls me down with him onto the couch, settling myself in between his legs.

Leaning forward into my back, he wraps both his arms rightly around my waist, resting his head on my left shoulder. As the guys talk about the show and continuing with small talk, Jack playfully kisses down my neck, over my shoulders and down the side of my arm. I giggle, being sure not to draw attention to Jack and I.

“Jaacckkk…” I whine, smiling to myself.

“Hmmm,” Jack replies.

I grip his arms that are tight around my waist. “What’s got you all hot and bothered.”

“You,” Jack replies sternly, in a low voice. Lust heavy in his voice. 

The others over heard us and chuckled to themselves, occasionally glancing over at us.

“Gilinsky for God sake man.” Jack Johnson complains.

 Jack and I just laugh as Jack plants a quick kiss on my shoulder.

“Guess we’ll have to continue this somewhere else, baby,” Jack says to me.

I blush, embarrassed.

“Bruh… that’s what we’ve been telling you love birds since all freaking along.”

“Yeah, man. I know. Just thought I’d rub it in your faces that I get cuddles and well… you don’t.” Jack utters. Gilinsky being the ass that he is. Typical.

I lightly punch his arm.

“Its true, baby…” he whispers in response.

As we walk out of the room, I hear Sammy protest: “He gets the big bed, the room and the cuddles?! Oh man… talk about being lonely for fuck sake.” I can just imagine him throwing his head back and his hands in the air.

  Ivy :) x


Notes From Shawn; Spread Positivity

Hey beautifuls! Hope you’re having a great day/night where ever you are in the world. 

Do you guys remember Shawn spearheading a campaign called #NotesFromShawn, working with DoSomething to help spread positivity. It was set up to help people stay postibie and get through hard times, which is quite honestly is something we’ve all been through or have been faced with hardhips either in the past, now in the present time or maybe in the future. 

Shawn’s made this a pretty simple request: That you help spread positivity. Theres no need for any extravegence to go about doing it or anything. Shawn pitched the idea of writing somethign encourage, complimenting or just anything positive on a little sticky note and stick it somewhere someone will see it. It will make someone’s day and if we all do just our little part, we can make a difference. 

Just think about it. 

Have you ever had someone say something nice to you just out of nowhere and its made you feel good? Maybe even smile?

Think about that friend thats always been by your side, helping you, making you laugh.

Think about that time someone, just anyone, made you smile for whatever reason. 

Don’t you feel nice when someone calls you beautiful?

Or compliments you on something?

Even if its not someone you know, imagine making a stranger smile for the right reasons, just by saying something positive to them, make them smile. It could be the simplest of sentences: “Hey, you have a nice smile” or “Hey, you’re important to me,” or just even, “Hey, I hope you have a great day!” 

Its that simple. And to be honest, with how supportive we are of each other in our little fandom, this social media platform just makes it so much easier to help make a difference. 

Every one deserves to smile in this world. Why don’t you guys help someone smile?

I’d like to ask you guys, whoever reads this, from one stranger to another, to just do a little act of kindness. Just private message or write on 5 peoples walls on Wattpad- more than 5 or less than is something you decide at the end of the day -, something positive, something that’ll make them smile, stranger or not. It could be a little message to me, another Tumblr member or just, quite honestly, anybody

Giving back is so important and when we unite with a cause like this… there is no dobut we can make a little difference, see a few more smiles around. And if you’re someone who receives a positive message, do them a favor and send them something positive. I’ll do my part and send out 10 positive messages to 10 different strangers on here. 

I hope this isn’t too much to ask of you guys. I personally think this is such as great idea Shawn has pitched and I really believe it can and will make a difference. Lets have a few more beautiful smiles, happy hearts and healthy minds around in today’s society especially amongst teenagers and young adults. Afterall, what have you got to loose in making someone smile? 

Ivy :) x